Am i dating an alpha male

The lower ranking people will naturally and automatically repeat the reactions of the most dominate person, be it laughter, sour-face, or no comments.

Interestingly, when friends are in a group, and no one wants to take the dominant role, all treat each other as if each was the dominant person. The dominating person subtly indicates to everyone there that he or she is a threat and should not be challenged.

If there's one pet peeve I have right now, it's the current way being an "alpha male" is talked about in most pick up and dating circles.

I've gotten to the point personally where I cringe every time I hear some guy talking about "being alpha." But I don't want to go on an anti-alpha tirade here, because at it's core, the alpha male ideology is very correct; it's just that the term itself has become so laden with cultural baggage that "the alpha male" has just about become a stereotype -- a clownish, cartoon caricature of what an alpha male used to be.

For a long time, Alpha has been said to be better than Beta, as he is supposedly physically superior and possesses higher Testosterone levels.Those people who are the underlings also demonstrate their low rank with unconscious body language.Whenever a joke, controversial remark, or personal opinion is made in the group, the group's eyes will glance toward the dominant person to see any reaction.Men mark their territory by stretching out their arms and legs to take up more room, plus set out their personal positions on a table or bar: car keys, drink, and coins.The Alpha and Beta-principle categorizes men into two distinct groups depending on their social traits not only in a group, but also towards the opposite sex.