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After the Democrats returned to power, the restriction was reimposed.

On the one hand, a person's reputation as black or white was usually decisive in practical matters.

In the Las Vegas area, 46% of people in the marriage market are non-Hispanic white, while 27% are Hispanic, 14% are non-Hispanic black and 9% are Asian; and around Santa Barbara, 52% of people in the marriage market are non-Hispanic white and 37% are Hispanic.

As the discussion started, we all agreed that Taiwanese are uniquely position to understand interracial relationships and identities, with the island’s long history of colonialization and immigration.

Add to that the fact that we — or our parents– are immigrants to America, and you get a group of people whose understanding of identity is already more fluid than people from more homogenous backgrounds.

Tennis and golf buffs will be right at home in Pelham, and when the courses close, you can check out the local nightlife.

2) Musically Inclined Everybody loves music, so take advantage of Alabama’s diverse scene.