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At the time, both agencies confirmed the relationship by stating, "The two leaned on each through difficult times and began to develop feelings for each other." Although Zico and Seolhyun have gone their separate ways after 6 months of being together, they plan to remain close sunbae and hoobae.

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In the ongoing ‘Saturday Night Live Korea‘ sexual harassment controversy, it was revealed that B1A4 had already submitted written statements to the police, and that despite the best efforts of …

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Subsidence of an adjacent block is suggested by the anomalously old ages of terraces currently close to sea-level, and by observations of paleo-sea cliff warping and measurements of coastal sinuosity.

Opposing crustal motion between adjacent blocks is compatible with the formation of intervening normal faults and the hypothesis of ongoing extension of the forearc.

Your brother was very protective of you to the point he sat between you and Yookwon so neither of you got touchy when you came to hang out- “come on we weren’t going to do anything bad just cuddle”Kyung: -B-Bomb.

The label stated even the Block B member was confused upon learning about the rumor. I think people might have mistaken him for ZICO just by his physical appearance. Just a few days ago, G-Dragon also denied rumors that he is dating Sulli.

The Mejillones Peninsula is thought to have one of the highest rates of tectonic uplift along the active convergent margin of northern Chile.

We use exposure age dating from a flight of well-preserved marine terraces to determine the long-term tectonic history of the northern part of the Peninsula.

But it was always in the back of his mind even when you two were making out he stopped to talk to you about it- “we should tell him before we regret not telling him.

It was a secret relationship that neither of you told your brother.