Cannot restart automatic updating

My pc is unable to start-up after attempting to reset it(fresh reset).

It is in a restart loop and when I try to turn it on the Windows 10 logo appears but then a blue screen appears saying "Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart.

After a few hours they might come up, but more often than not a hard reset is required to bring them back.

It turns out this is a known issue and VMware has released KB2092807 to address it.

(primary database) while retaining the original target database.

The duplicate database can be identical to the target database or contain only a subset of the tablespaces in the target database. A standby database is a copy of the primary database that you can update continually or periodically with archived logs from the primary database.

The key that you need to press to enter these settings depends on the manufacturer of your computer’s motherboard and can be anything from Esc, Delete or F2 to F8, F10 or F12.

To do this, click your PC’s operating system below and follow the steps.

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For the duplication to work, you must connect RMAN to both the target (primary) database and an auxiliary instance started in mode.

Allocate at least one auxiliary channel on the auxiliary instance.