China gey sex

- a new Chinese term coined to describe a "cooperative marriage" between a gay man and a lesbian woman.The marriage, essentially, is a sham: both the husband and wife continue to have their own same-sex partners and may not even live together.PARIS (Reuters) - France's new Socialist government is to legalize marriage and adoption for same-sex couples, Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said on Friday, reflecting a shift in public attitudes in the majority Catholic nation.President Francois Hollande, who took office last month, had pledged to legalize gay marriage and adoption during his election campaign but had given no time frame.

"The most urgent matter for me now is to find a spouse. I see my peers getting married one by one and having kids, and I have nothing.These are among the key findings of a new survey by the Pew Research Center conducted in 39 countries among 37,653 respondents from March 2 to May 1, 2013.The survey also finds that acceptance of homosexuality is particularly widespread in countries where religion is less central in people’s lives.The exhibition comprises around 45 works by 10 renowned Chinese artists such as Ma Liuming, Gao Brothers, Li Xiaofeng and Chi Peng.The works explore subjects such as sexuality, desire and taboo.