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She breaks up with me, and when I ask her why, she said it was to focus on her walk with Christ.I was like, 'Maybe go to church once in a while and quit doing coke?From my own personal experience as well as talking many of my friends through their relationship difficulties over the years, I have come to the conclusion that if you’re sure you’re in a bad relationship, you owe it to both yourself and the guy involved to end it sooner rather than later.

I seem to have a knack for picking rusty grocery carts that make clattering noises or ones with squeaky wheels that grate on your nerves like fingernails on a chalkboard. You want to go in a straight line, but the cart wants to swerve to the left and take out the cat food display.

A few of them have played the 'God card,' and it always feels like it comes out of nowhere.

It is almost enough to put me off dating religious men, but then I do want to raise my future children in the church, so I don't know." -- "I was dating a girl who I never saw so much as say grace before a meal.

Please, girls, stand up for yourself now and end things.

When I was a kid, my mom taught me two rules of grocery shopping.