Cvs repository error validating location cannot access local Sex chat room clip

[Client - Eclipse with plugin] Assume that you have already installed eclipse & j2sdk1.5-sun.If you face problem starting up the eclipse you can find the answer in this forum. Just for the instant check cd /etc/eclipse cat java_home If you don't see /usr/lib/j2sdk1.5-sun/ commented out in the first line, modify it. ubuntu% cat java_home # This file determines the search order the Eclipse Platform uses to find a # compatible JAVA_HOME.In a business environment, the CVS server should be set up to handle a secure connection type, and the proper connection type should be used.

Used by software developers to track changes during the production and maintenance of a project, SVN is a familiar and standard component in many development tool chains.Its name is “/cvsroot/projectname” I insist on this point because most of the time in many organizations there is one single CVS repository where all projects are stored.The problem with this typical organization is that the directory named “CVSROOT” which contains CVS config and admin files is unique and global to all projects managed by CVS.Hence the decision to have one CVS repository per project on Tuleap.One of Tuleap main benefits is to enable code sharing and re-usability in a corporation.

Cvs repository error validating location cannot access local