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Even though a law enforcement officer is not likely to encounter low-intensity abusers, these individuals are one step away from becoming binge abusers.

They already know the stimulating effect that methamphetamine provides them by swallowing or snorting the drug, but they have not experienced the euphoric rush associated with smoking or injecting it and have not encountered clearly defined stages of abuse.

Methamphetamine abuse has three patterns: low intensity, binge, and high intensity.

Low-intensity abuse describes a user who is not psychologically addicted to the drug but uses methamphetamine on a casual basis by swallowing or snorting it.

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First, small changes crept into my behavior; not about crystal meth precisely, but vaguely related habits that had once accompanied my active drug use would begin entering my routine again.Allison Moore joined the Maui Police Department when she was 23 years old and quickly climbed the ranks to narcotics vice cop. We bang on the door and announce ourselves: “Police. ” Nobody answers, so the officer in front of me kicks in the door and it bursts open.By day, she conducted investigations into big-time meth dealers and partnered up with the DEA, flying on helicopters looking for illegal drug activity. With my Glock 27 raised, I follow behind as the male officer checks each room.A return to the gym and a shallow fixation on my body.An abandoned cigarette habit that returned in secretive fits and starts.