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If they don't have the sense to surf securely, too bad so sad.

According to new data from Monetate, email continues to be one of the biggest drivers of conversions for businesses with an ecommerce presence.For businesses and organizations using email marketing to build relationships and stay in touch with their target audience, you already know that email marketing can drive big results.But you may also be wondering how email stacks up against other marketing outlets.So this header has me slightly finding it hard to understand. Redirects=on https:// https://uk/a-new-security-header-referrer-policy/ All I really want to know for those of us who run sites where referrer traffic can come from any origin and does not matter what should the value of this header be should the header even be present if we don't care about referrers.From my understanding it is the header the browser will have when a user navigates away or from page to page of your site.