Fear of intimacy and dating

Have you ever met someone and got along famously, only to have them back off suddenly?

Perhaps you reacted by ignoring them when they finally tried to get in touch a few weeks later, and now, ages later, are still wondering what happened.

Is this pain inevitable in an intimate relationship? The pain of rejection or engulfment is NOT inevitable.

The pain of losing a loved one through death may happen and is always a huge challenge, but would you really rather live a life without love than face this challenge?

These fears come from the pain of having been rejected, or of having lost ourselves in a relationship, or of having too much loss without knowing how to handle grief.

These experiences may have been so painful that you are afraid to experience them again.

The very nature of this anxiety disorder makes it difficult for them to explain what’s going on.This perceived fakeness can then lead to the rejection that the person fears.This vicious cycle might have played out numerous times before you ever entered the picture, causing your loved one to retreat further and further behind a self-imposed wall.On My Depression Connection I have written on how depression affects relationships.And here on Anxiety Connection we have written about everything from how to deal with social anxiety and dating to how to deal with a spouse who has anxiety.