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Coupled with the high rate of unemployment and underemployment among the youth who are desperate to live beyond their means, younger women now have no qualms about selling their bodies and exploiting their sexual value for financial gain.

She had been admitted at the University of Nairobi for a Bachelor of Arts course.

Consequently, more young women have gained ‘sexual freedom of association’, especially in urban areas.READ ALSO: TNA female politician’s nude video leaks online Now, time for the pie to be had.The video comes just a day after Kenyans on social media attacked a popular photographer who is alleged to have been duping Kenyan girls into make-believe modelling jobs.Many of these young girls report being the head of their household with younger siblings or even children of their own who depend on them for food.Mary*, a 24-year-old sex worker in Lodwar, has one daughter, three brothers and sisters, and a mother who depend on the money she gets from sex work.