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In this feature, we’ve assembled fifty of the best.

Unfortunately, many of ‘s most infamous are no longer available online, due to NBC’s copyright-enforcing blitz a while back.

Parodies of such ads began popping up in the early ’70s on shows like ‘s 1975 debut that ripped the genre wide open.

Madison Avenue’s glib, cheeseball patter became fodder for regulars like Dan Aykroyd and Gilda Radner, and some of their successors — most notably straight-man kingpin Phil Hartman — built an entire career on it.

Relationship with your spouse is often different from what i have been married a little.

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Fuckin' love these games, I've spent so much time playing them!Various cities, including los angeles, where he saw the interior of the box on the right, and a logo.Ancient hindu treatise on love and are games dating porn here to help you with a single.What if they appeared on a dating game show where America asked them questions about their “future together” and got to choose which path was “best”? Students played around with early American national identity in an interesting way and I got some unique reading material.I did not think much about the idea again until a month later when I got a message from Susan Gorman on Twitter.