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What’s important is that when you turn the computer off, or if it crashes – *poof* – anything stored in RAM is refer to the entire computer itself, or the desktop box.In reality, the term specifically refers to an integrated circuit or “chip” that resides on or is connected to the computer’s motherboard, inside the box.Although the early word processors evolved to use tag-based markup for document formatting, most modern word processors take advantage of a graphical user interface providing some form of what-you-see-is-what-you-get ("WYSIWYG") editing.Most are powerful systems consisting of one or more programs that can produce a combination of images, graphics and text, the latter handled with type-setting capability.Troubleshooting Checking System Requirements Updating Your Graphics Drivers Installing/Updating Direct X (Windows only)Community Q&A If you are having trouble getting a game to work on your PC, the most likely issue is compatibility.To troubleshoot your PC's compatibility with a game, first check that your computer matches or exceeds the system requirements.Typical features of a modern word processor include: multiple font sets, spell checking, grammar checking, a built-in thesaurus, automatic text correction, Web integration, HTML conversion, pre-formatted publication projects such as newsletters and to-do lists, and much more.

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The addition of a Kaby Lake chip is one of the major improvements in this upcoming business-oriented tablet.

It will also come bundled with an improved active pen, and will be available with up to 1TB of built-in storage.

Identification Buying a New Motherboard Replacing the Processor (Desktop Units)Socket 479 and other mobile sockets Replacing the Motherboard Reassembling the Computer Community Q&A As computer technology advances, new software will demand more from your computer, giving you the impression that it is getting slower, taking more time to process events. Upgrading your CPU (Central Processing Unit) is one of the most beneficial things you can do to make your computer run lag-free.

The CPU is a critical component of any computer system so before you decide to upgrade make sure you have read and understood all the steps below.